Please Help While Honoring The Memory of Heather O'Rourke

Our National Forests and it's wildlife are in need of our help. As our forests suffer damage, its wildlife struggle to survive. Simply donating or planting a tree can help get our forests back to their beautiful wonder. Please choose an agency's link below and follow the self explanatory directions on how to donate or plant a tree.    And please....honor Heather's memory. Thank you.

(An agency may let you chose a forest or an agency may have a forest that is in urgent need.)

Forest Agency Links

Arbor Day Foundation


At "Arbor Day", you can plant trees in honor of Heather's memory. Trees planted will help the restoration of various damaged forests and create healthy habitat for suffering wildlife. Starting at $10 you can plant 5 memorial trees.

plant a tree

A Living Tribute


At "A Living Tribute", you can plant a tree in memory of Heather. Trees planted will help the restoration in the listed designated forests and create critical wildlife habitat. Memorial tree at $9.99 or you can select a group of trees. 

Plant a tree

Plant Memorial Tree


At "Plant Memorial Tree", you can plant a tree in memory of Heather. The trees planted will help restore areas damaged by fire, insects and other natural disasters. Tree memorials at $14.99 for one tree and each additional tree is $2.99.

Plant a tree

The Trees Remember


At "The Trees Remember", you can plant a tree in memory of Heather. Trees planted will restore damaged areas and help the habitat of various wildlife in a forest you may choose. Tree memorials start at $26 .

Plant a tree

American Forests


At "American Forests" you can plant a tree in Heather's name. Trees planted will enhancing habitat for wildlife and services in forest restoration. Pricing starts at $25 for a memorial tree.

Plant a tree

Forests Forever


For information on how to help forests in California, visit "Forests Forever". There are various campaigns and resources on how to help.